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8 Late Summer Desserts: A Roundup

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Parting is such sweet sorrow.

baked unpeeled peach cobbler with biscuit topping on linen

Summer is ending. This makes me sad. Of course, some people look forward to this. These folks dream of crisp air, bright orange leaves, pumpkins, and sweaters. Me? I’m a summer person. I love everything about it: the heat, the humidity (kind of), and especially the food, like corn, watermelon, berries, peaches, and tomatoes. Late-summer desserts are my most favorite seasonal foods of all. Here are eight late summer dessert recipes to sweeten the end of summer.

8 Late Summer Dessert Recipes for August and September

1. Blueberry Hand Pies

Just like a big blueberry pie, except cuter. Hand pies are a fun project, and will make everyone happy.

blueberry hand pies on cooling rack for late summer desserts

2. A Gorgeous Fruit Plate

Who needs to bake anything when the season’s produce stands on its own? Here’s how to arrange a fruit plate like a pro.

fruit platter on white tray

3. Pink Peach Cobbler

Save time and give your peach cobbler a naturally beautiful hue by not peeling the peaches. This easy cobbler is full of seasonal peaches, dusted with cinnamon, and topped with biscuit.

unpeeled peach cobbler sliced on plate with tea for late summer dessert recipes

4. Chocolate Chip Cookies

These do not need a particular season. They are just really, really good.

chocolate chip cookies on cooling rack

5. Classic Apple Pie

Want to get a little jump on fall? Here is the recipe for the best homemade apple pie ever, caramel-y from brown sugar and with a flaky, all-butter crust.

sliced apples in raw apple pie dough shell

6. The N.Y. Times’s Famous Plum Torte

One of the paper’s most popular recipes of all time, this simple little vanilla cake is full of juicy red plums and great summer flavor. The N.Y. Times publishes this late summer recipe every single year, and has since the 1980s. Here is my version.

sliced plum torte nytimes summer dessert

7. Mixed Berry Shortcakes With Fresh Whipped Cream

The only baking required here is  buttery, sweet biscuit. Fresh seasonal berries get tossed with sugar and a little lemon juice, then spooned onto the biscuit and topped with homemade whipped cream. Simply perfect.

berry shortcakes on white plate topped with whipped cream for a late summer dessert recipes

8. Zucchini Bread Dump-It Cake

Nothing says “late summer produce” like zucchini. But you don’t have to get into a savory recipe rut. Zucchini makes an amazing cake, like this one-step winner.

slices of zucchini dump cake on wood board perfect late summer dessert recipes

9. Rustic Blueberry Cobbler

Need a quick dessert guaranteed to make everyone pretty much die of happiness this summer? This easy blueberry cobbler, loaded with jammy blueberries and a tender biscuit crust, is the one.

baked blueberry cobbler recipe easy

What’s your favorite late summer dessert recipe? Share below!

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