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Code of Conduct

Unpeeled Journal is on a mission to create an uplifting digital space where everyone feels welcome, respected, and safe – no matter what they look like, believe in, or who they love. We believe in celebrating differences, because that’s exactly what makes us stronger. We pride ourselves on being one of the friendliest and most inclusive online communities where you can engage in passionate discussions and learn from diverse perspectives. 

However, we need your help to make sure it stays that way. We kindly ask that you follow our guidelines whenever you interact with our community, so that everyone can continue to feel welcomed and valued.

  • Let’s make this a safe space for dialogue! We value your unique perspectives, but it’s important to choose your words wisely and be mindful of others. We’re here for healthy debates and constructive feedback, but positive vibes are always appreciated too!
  • At Unpeeled Journal, we value respectful discussions and we don’t tolerate any form of online bullying or aggression. Our comments policy is straightforward: we encourage differences in opinions but when things get out of control, we step in to remind everyone to keep a civil tone. So let’s focus on what brings us all together – the love of good food and great conversations!
  • We believe in fostering respectful and productive discussions, but we won’t stand for hate speech, threats, or other hurtful behavior. If we notice a comment thread devolving into this type of language, you can rest assured that we’ll take action. Whether that means removing the offending comment or even banning the user altogether, we’re committed to maintaining a safe and welcoming community.
  • In order to maintain integrity and ensure our customers get the best information possible, we take product reviews seriously. We strive for fairness, relevance, and trustworthiness in all reviews. Rest assured, any offensive or irrelevant language will be hidden from view. Additionally, reviews from customers who have not yet received the product will not be published. We hold ourselves to a high standard so that you can make informed decisions with confidence.

As a valued member of our community, we want to ensure that your experience with us is always top-notch. If you happen to come across anything that raises a red flag or makes you feel uncomfortable, we urge you to share your thoughts with us via email at We’re committed to creating a safe and welcoming space for everyone, and we can’t do so without your help. Thank you for your continued support in building an inclusive platform for all.

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