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Strawberry Watermelon Agua Fresca

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The only thing more refreshing than water? Watermelon.

Strawberry watermelon agua fresca makes an incredibly simple, yet somehow special, summer drink. Requiring little more than berries, watermelon, water, and a squirt of lime juice, agua fresca tastes light and sweet, without the complication of a big, multi-ingredient smoothie.

wedge of watermelon with strawberries and lime agua fresca

Strawberry watermelon agua fresca is part of my summer Holy Trinity: cold drink, book, beach. The beach may not be happening this year, but this watermelon agua fresca recipe sure can — and should.

glasses of strawberry watermelon agua fresca with fruit

What Is Agua Fresca?

Translated as “fresh water” from Spanish, agua fresca is a light, versatile summer beverage popular throughout Mexico and other Central American countries. Agua frescas can be made from fruits like honeydew, cantaloupe, and pineapple. But I love watermelon best for its color and taste. Strawberries add a little more color depth and a nice additional flavor note.

Agua fresca can be a great way to use up extra melon, or melon that is just a day or two past its prime. You know, like when the watermelon takes a turn for the grainy side? Agua fresca time.

glass of strawberry watermelon agua fresca with lime wedge

Strawberry Watermelon Agua Fresca: Recipe Notes

  • Quality it key. Make sure you use a nice, ripe seasonal watermelon or else the agua fresca will have a bland flavor and require sugar to bump up the flavor.
  • Small strawberries are better than the giant supermarket ones that are pumped full of water.
  • Make sure your ingredients are cold when you start. Use chilled melon and ice water. Adding ice cubes is acceptable, but will dilute the fresh berry-watermelon flavor as they melt.

How to Make Strawberry Watermelon Agua Fresca

To make this strawberry watermelon agua fresca recipe:

  1. Blend strawberries, watermelon, cold water, and a spritz of lime juice until very smooth.
  2. Taste it. If it is a little bland, add some sweetener like sugar, agave, or stevia. Also, a small pinch of salt actually heightens the sweet fruit flavor without adding a salt flavor.

Substitutions and Variations

Eliminate the strawberries, or sub in an additional cup of melon if you like. It will all work. Enjoy this most refreshing, and gorgeous, summer drink.

glasses of strawberry watermelon agua fresca with fruit

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glasses of healthy strawberry watermelon agua fresca for juneteenth food instead of red soda

Juneteenth Strawberry Watermelon Agua Fresca

Skip the red soda this Juneteenth and make this refreshing, light, and gorgeous summer drink instead.
Prep Time5 minutes
Cook Time0 minutes
Course: beverage, Drinks
Keywords:: agua fresca, drinks, limes, melon, summer, watermelon
Servings: 6 cups, approximately


  • 4 cups cubed watermelon, from 1/4 of a large watermelon
  • 1 pint strawberries, hulled
  • 1 lime, juiced
  • 2 cups cold water
  • sweetener of choice, optional


  • Blend the strawberries, watermelon, water, and lime juice until very smooth. Taste. If necessary, add a pinch of salt and a teaspoon or so of sugar, agave, or the stevia equivalent.
  • Strain through a fine mesh strainer into a pitcher. Pour into glasses, garnish with fruit if desired, and serve immediately.


  • Lauren macavoy

    5 stars

  • 5 stars
    refreshing and pretty!

  • 5 stars
    I made this after my run the other day–it was 90 degrees out and this had such a refreshing, cooling affect on my body. It was delicious and just what I needed.

  • 5 stars
    Even better the next day. I had to strain this twice to make it liquid enough and not have a smoothie pulp.

  • Marie Newberger

    5 stars
    So refreshing to drink on such a hot weekend. It looked so beautiful.

  • I made this for a post-walk, Friday night family “mocktail” and it was refreshing and delicious. I’m definitely putting this on our regular rotation. Thanks!

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