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Mother’s Day Kitchen Gift Ideas

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The best kitchen gifts for moms who cook.

On Mother’s Day, kitchen gifts for mom should be the very best! These are 2024’s Best Mother’s Day kitchen gift ideas, with prices to fit every budget. She (you?) will have a very happy Mother’s Day with these top finds.

kitchen gifts for moms who like to cook

The Best Food and Kitchen Gifts for Moms

Searching for a perfect gift for a special mother in your life for Mother’s Day? For moms who cook, the gift goal is to find presents for mom’s kitchen and life that: 1) are good quality, 2) fall within her interests, and 3) look lovely and inspiring. Luckily, there are beautiful cooking and kitchen Mother’s Day gifts that do all of these!

Below is this year’s updated list of all the best Mother’s Day gifts for cooks. These kitchen gifts for mom, in every price range, are sure to bring a smile to her face.

Whether you’re looking for a small kitchen accessory like a cutting board or cookbook, big statement gift, or maybe just something fun, these kitchen and cooking gifts are guaranteed to win her heart. Let’s skip standard gifts like kitchen towels, olive oil, and the like. Instead, read on for new and inspired ideas.

Best Mother’s Day Kitchen Gifts for Cooks: $1 – $35

Good things often come in small packages. These cooking gifts are guaranteed to spice up mom’s Mother’s Day.

1. Food-Themed Hair Accessories

mother's day gift for foodies

Does your mom like to pull her hair back in a clip? Then this Mother’s Day gift is a piece of cake. (Or broccoli, or baguette, or a pretzel, or kale….) Jenny Lemons makes the absolute cutest, fun food-themed hair clips and barrettes — which also happen to be high quality. Smiles guaranteed.

2. Pretty Recipe Cards

mothers day gift recipe cards

There’s a special place many hearts for vintage Pyrex. There’s also something special about a hand-written recipe. These happy cooking-themed recipe cards from Northwest Paper Studio on Etsy combine both. Northwest also has other lovely recipe card prints, like floral, herb, and whisk designs.

3. Acrylic Wine Glasses That Look Like the Real Thing

mother's day wine glasses gift

With picnic and backyard entertaining season practically here, it’s worth finding outdoor-friendly drinking glasses that aren’t the red plastic cup variety. These Pottery Barn acrylic wine glasses combine form and function — perfect for poolside sipping or summer picnic toasts.

4. Three-Ring Recipe Binder

cooking gifts for moms

For moms who cook and enjoy full-page recipes or print-outs, this Jot & Mark recipe binder comes stocked in several pretty (and food-themed) covers like citrus, strawberries, and pen and ink pots and pans. This binder makes a lovely alternative to a recipe tin or box. Make it personal by including a hand-written favorite family recipe or personal letter inside!

5. A Better Picnic or Beach Blanket

picnic blanket gift for mom

Who among us has not settled down a nice picnic meal and then a few minutes later felt the clammy, creeping wetness of damp ground beneath? Ugh. The worst. Luckily, there’s a picnic blanket for that. This lightweight picnic blanket packs up nice, looks great, and has a waterproof backing. In the words of the Great British Bake Off, “No [more] soggy bottoms!”

6. High-End Tea

gift tea canisters

A box from the supermarket aisle is fine. A beautiful canister of tea from a proper tea house? Much, much better. Brooklyn-based Bellocq Tea Atelier makes a wide variety of  premium, well-sourced teas that come packaged in beautiful tins. Bellocq also sells curated tea collections (tea and chocolate, anyone?), plus tea accessories like cups, teapots, matcha whisks, and more.

Cooking Gifts for Moms for Mother’s Day: $35 – $85

1. Proper Cheese Knives

gifts for moms who cook ideas

Snack dinner gets stylish this Mother’s Day. No more dinner knives or random spoons for charcuterie platters; this set of elegant cheese knives from French manufacturer Jean Dubost will elevate mom’s cheese plates. I particularly love the turquoise handles for seasonality, but all of the options are lovely.

2. A Faux Food Candle

Holiday Gift Ideas for Food Lovers, Cooks and Bakers like John Derian faux food candles

I don’t know if I could actually bring myself to burn one of these, but I sure would like to receive this as a gift and find out! John Derian is the king of kitchy-but-classy faux food candles. This collection, sourced from a centuries-old Italian company, is guaranteed to bring smiles. These add a fun, whimsical boost to any foodie mom’s Mother’s Day.

3. Bread (and More Bread) from Poilâne

loaf of Poilane bread as mother's day food gift

If your mom loves bread and has been to Paris, her wanderings likely took into famed bakery Poilâne, a jewel box artisan bakery still using their ancient oven, which arguably turns out the best crusty bread in France.

An in-the-know Francophile food lover will flip for a Mother’s Day gift loaf of their big sourdough miche loaf with its signature swirl “P.” And while you’re at it, throw in a bag of their “punition” butter cookies.

4. The Quintessential Cake Pedestal

Mother's Day gifts for moms who cook cake pedestal
Photo via Food52

These best-selling Mosser glass cake pedestals elevate any Mother’s Day cake — literally and figuratively. These gifts are timeless and cheerful. In a range of beautiful colors, it’s hard to pick only one. The 10-inch cake pedestal would be my pick for any home pastry chef or baker, since it works for both 8- and 9-inch cakes, and would also look beautiful holding bundt cakes, cookie stacks, fruit, and more.

5. An Authentic Brown Betty

best kitchen gifts for mom

For anyone who’s mom may have ever dreamed of living in Downton Abbey or Rose Cottage from The Holiday, or perhaps just likes a good hot cup of tea, an original, official Brown Betty teapot is the absolute best. Formed from the special red clay of Staffordshire, Brown Betty teapots keep tea hot longer and look the same as they did centuries ago: charming and stout.

…And not to jump ahead, but have you seen their Christmas version that looks like plum pudding on top?! A holiday must have.

6. A Cake Server Set

If the mom in your life is still cutting and serving cake with a simple utilitarian kitchen knife, give her a memorable upgrade. This set from Anthropologie is simple and elegant and comes in several colors. I like this modern gold CB2 cake server as well, for about the same price.

7. Baggu Shopping Totes

gift ideas for foodie moms

I am obsessed — obsessed! — with Baggu tote bags. They weigh nothing, pack up to nothing, hold a ton of weight, wash well, and look stylish. Great for grocery shopping, these can also double as a purse, beach bag, you name it. One isn’t enough, trust me. Luckily, you can buy a set of two in prints to suit mom’s style. (Also check out Baggu’s website for a full selection of prints.)

Kitchen Gifts for Moms Who Cook: $85 – $ 150

Mother’s Day gifts for moms who love cooking don’t have to just be practical kitchen gifts. Food-inspired gifts come in lots of fun categories. Below, pajamas, plants, a gift certificate, and more.

1. Pretty Pajamas

pajama gift for moms who cook

Cat’s Pajamas always sells pretty, high-quality sleepwear, often with several food-themed prints. For a nice gift for moms who cook this Mother’s Day — and love pretty p.j.s — I suggest this queen bee print for the Queen Bee herself. Bees make honey; ergo, I count this as a gift for moms who cook. Right?

2. A Gorgeous Watering Can

kitchen watering can

This stunner watering can by Haws will definitely elevate your mom’s plant-watering experience, an added bonus as she enjoys her fresh herbs or potted citrus plants.

3. A Live Lemon Tree

lemon tree gift for mom

When life gives you lemons…. Flowers are always wonderful for Mother’s Day. But for someone wanting to give kitchen gift for Mother’s Day that’s just a little different, this pretty live Meyer lemon tree might just be the ticket. These require full sun, but do well indoors in winter, then move outside in summer. These sunny lemons will brighten her day.

4. A Night Off From Cooking!

gifts for foodie moms

Let’s face it. No matter how much your mom likes to cook, a great Mother’s Day kitchen gift would be a night out of the kitchen. Get a gift certificate to an elegant, splurge-worthy restaurant. Better yet? Make the reservation and take her on a date. To find the best restaurants in larger urban areas, check out Unpeeled Journal’s Food Travel Guides. I also rely on Michelin, Bon Appétit, and Eater as reliable sources for best restaurant recommendations.

Best Mother’s Day Kitchen Gifts: $150 and above

1. Mackenzie-Childs Teapot

best mother's day kitchen gifts

Mackenzie-Childs’s hand-painted enamel teapots combine classic teapot comfort with a bit of friendly, whimsical chic. The signature checkerboard pattern is a Mother’s Day can’t miss for any mom who loves upscale farmhouse style. I also love this teapot and teacup set for two.

2. A Chic, Elegant Bedside Water Carafe

foodie mom gift ideas

Whether she’d like it for bedside sips or Mother’s Day breakfast in bed, this elegant, handblown-in-New York water pitcher and tumbler combo from the MoMA Design Store is equal parts elegant and modern, just like her. This is one Mother’s Day gift she will love all year long.

3. A High-Quality Chef’s Knife

best kitchen knives

I had the pleasure of trying a carbon steel Middleton knife, hand-forged in South Carolina, last year. These beautiful, wood-handled knives sold out before I was able to feature them in the holiday gift guide, but they’re back in stock and ready for mom’s kitchen.

4. The Ultimate Dutch Oven

best mom kitchen gifts ideas for mother's day

The original cast-iron Le Creuset 7.25 quart Dutch Oven may not come cheap, but you will use it a lot, and only ever need one. This heirloom piece is sturdy, cooks food evenly and efficiently, and can go right in the oven or on the stovetop for soups, stews, braises, roasts, and more. I love the sea salt color, but Le Creuset sells these in a range of colors (some less expensive than others).

5. The Zoshirushi Rice Cooker

rice cooker kitchen gifts for cooks

I am breaking my own rule against giving appliances for Mother’s Day kitchen gifts. I recommend this Zoshirushi rice cooker, otherwise known as the rice cooker. This impressive gadget from a reliable Japanese brand features automatic keep warm, extended warm, and reheating cycles; two delay time settings; musical beeps; and more.

Want some more of the top Mother’s Day gift ideas? Check out our annual mega-holiday Best Gifts for Cooking Lovers gift guide!

Plus: You got the best present. Now need some recipes for mom’s special day? Here are our 11 Best Mother’s Day Brunch Ideas.

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