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The Best Bakeries in Paris

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Croissants, je t’aime.

Louvre, schmouvre. Bring on the baked goods. Here’s the list of the best bakeries in Paris: where to find the best croissants, bread, sweets, and more.

Bakery window in paris, France
Photo courtesy Tapisserie

Where to Find the Best Bakeries, Boulangeries, and Pâtisseries in Paris

I consider strolling out of a Paris pâtisserie with a warm, flaky croissant to be as valuable an experience as, say, a museum. I am not exaggerating. Enjoying priceless works of art are wonderful, of course, but can you really put a price on biting into something so buttery and flaky and light it melts away in your mouth? (Actually, you can. About three Euros — worth every centime. But it feels priceless.)

In addition to all of its other attributes, Paris is home to some of the world’s most accomplished and incredible breads, baked goods, fancy pastries, and chocolate. Below, get the list of the must-eat picks for best bakeries in Paris.

First, some basic French bakery and pâtisserie vocabulary and know-how:

  • Bio = organic (pronounced “BEE-oh”)
  • Baguette de tradition = The baguette has been made according to traditional techniques, without additives and never frozen or produced in a factory. Seek these out.
  • “Bonjour, madame! Bonjour, monsieur!” = necessary and expected greeting when you enter the shop. When you leave, say “bonne journée!”
  • You generally don’t have to buy an entire big loaf of bread. Bakeries such as Poilâne, below, often sell quarters or halves, sold by the kilo, demi-kilo (half kilo), and so on. One pound equals 453 grams, or grammes in French, as a reference. So if a loaf of bread is one kilo and you want a quarter loaf, you’d say, “Je prends 250 (deux-cent-cinquante) grammes, s’il vous plâit.”
  • Boulangerie = bakery. Boulangeries will sell both bread and other baked goods such as croissants, chausson aux pommes, and the like. This class of buttery, flaky, laminated pastry baked goods are called viennoiserie.
  • Pâtisserie = This is the word for both pastry and pastry shop. Many French bakeries are both boulangeries and pâtisseries.

Bring your appetite, and bon appétit. Below, enjoy Unpeeled Journal’s list of the best bakeries in Paris, in no particular order.

The Best Bakeries in Paris

1. Stohrer

exterior of Stohrer Bakery, Paris
Photo courtesy Stohrer / Official Facebook.

The oldest patisserie in Paris owes its longevity not just to its ancient jewel-box charm, but for the golden-brown array of fresh traditional French baked goods, such as éclairs, financiers, and fruit tarts. Stohrer’s bona fides don’t get better than this: It was founded in 1730 by King Louis XV’s pastry chef.

2. Poilâne (Multiple Locations)

Best bread in Paris at Poilane
Photo courtesy Poilâne.

The one and only Poilâne makes, hands down, the most iconic bread in Paris. Large, dense, crusty boules of naturally-leavened bread are baked in a wood-fired oven and marked on top with a signature scrolled letter “P.” While you’re in the tiny shop, be sure to also pick up some little butter cookies, or punitions. They’re delicious. Poilâne now has five locations, but I prefer the original on the Rue du Cherche-Midi in the 6th. (Note: Poilâne also ships abroad. For a price.)

3. Du Pain et Des Idées

best croissants in Paris, France
Photo courtesy Du Pain et Des Idées, Paris.

This very popular French bakery is closed on weekends. But hopefully you’re on vacation, so are able to find a weekday moment to seek out this all-day ode to all things bread and buttery. The croissants and escargots (croissant dough rolled like a snail with folds of filling like praline or chocolate-pistachio) are legendary. Try to get there in the morning for the best selection.

4. Mamiche (two locations)

beignets at Mamiche best bakery Paris
Photo courtesy Mamiche.

This is not the place for dainty French pastries where a pastry chef has applied gold leaf with tweezers. But if you’re looking for a friendly, butter-scented artisanal boulangerie to stock up on sugared beignets, chocolate babka, hearty bread, cookies, pain au raisin, sandwiches on fresh brioche buns, and homey treats like that, head to Mamiche. It’s one of the best places in Paris for fresh-baked breads.

5. La Maison d’Isabelle (no website)

Follow the smell of melted butter to this award-winning Left Bank gem on the Boulevard St. Germain (also next door to a fantastic cheese shop, by the way) for a croissant or two or three. Baked throughout the day, the odds of getting one that’s still warm are good. Eat one right away, and take another for sustenance as you explore the banks of the Seine or streets surrounding the Sorbonne. Both are nearby.

6. Boneshaker Donuts

donut from Boneshaker, Paris France bakery
Photo courtesy Boneshaker via Instagram official.

American-in-Paris chef Amanda Bankert wants to “make our customers happy and the community a better place.” How? Through big, creative homemade donuts that happen to be vegan, of course. Boneshaker has been sweetening the 2nd arrondissement with fluffy, custard-oozing donuts layered with flavor that change with the seasons since 2016. Their cinnamon buns are also out of this world.

7. Chambelland

gluten free bakery Paris

Chambelland is excellent. It is also 1oo% organic and gluten free. This is the go-to Paris bakery for cakes, tarts, brownies, giant chocolate chip cookies, and crusty artisan breads that are safe for gluten-sensitive patrons without feeling like a let down.

8. Pierre Hermé

Pierre Hermé bakery paris
Photo via Pierre Hermé Paris / Facebook Official

Macarons. Chocolates. Entremets. Tarts. Master pastry chef and chocolatier Pierre Hermé’s eponymous shop is, simply, the best of the best bakeries in Paris for high-end sweets and treats. His très correct, gorgeous offerings are the best example of what Paris bakeries can do when they really flex.

9. Tapisserie

bakery counter in Paris with pastry
Photo courtesy Tapisserie.

If you haven’t managed to score a reservation at perennial hotspot Septime for dinner, you can console yourself with one of the outstanding baked goods or light fare served at their neighboring bakery. Tapisserie puts creative, modern twists on the classics — peanut Paris Brest, baba infused with mezcal — alongside small savory items like croissant sandwiches and vegetable focaccia.

10. Pâtisserie Tourbillon

elegant pastries in Paris
Cake pops like you’ve never seen cake pops before at Tourbillon. Photo courtesy Yann Brys.

Famed pastry chef Yans Brys has earned the rarefied distinction meilleur ouvrier de France, meaning that he is considered one of the masters of his craft in all of France. And it shows. The sweet creations sold at his sleek bakery on the Ile St. Louis reflect a combination of sophistication and modern creativity that are almost too stunning to eat. Almost.

Summary: Where to Find the Best Bread and Pastries in Paris

Luckily, Paris is so steeped in expertise, tradition, and integrity when it comes to its bread and baked goods, even run-of-the-mill bakeries are generally very good. So if the mood strikes, definitely take a chance on whatever bakery might be in your neighborhood while visiting Paris.

But if you’d like to narrow it down and focus on the best of the best, this list of best Paris bakeries is filled with top-rated, vetted spots that are worth seeking out. Bon appétit, and if you’re in Paris, have a buttery croissant for me.

food guide of the best bakeries in Paris
Photo courtesy Stohrer / Official Facebook.

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