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How do I get in touch?

Send an email to inquiries[at] You can also fill out the below form. Thanks for reaching out! 

How do I get in touch?

The F+G Project welcomes contributions. No need to be a professional food writer. It’s a welcoming forum for stories, recipes, memories, and observations about food and grief. The F+G Project publishes primarily 1) recipes that tie someone to the one they lost; 2) recipes that have nurtured them or others in grief; and 3) essays and observations about food and grief. No hard-and-fast rules; just say what you need to say.

Send an email to with the details of what you’d like to contribute. We look forward to hearing from you.

Are you looking for contributions and contributors in general?

Unpeeled welcomes contributions, especially non-recipe content (think wellness, how-to/technique pieces, interviews, and so on). Send us a brief pitch and details about your background to the above email address, and someone will be in touch.

I think [I would be/know someone who would be] a good Woman in Food profile.

Great! Please let us know about the Woman in Food you have in mind by emailing the above address with some details.

Nice food photo! Can I use it?

Thank you very much, and thanks for asking first. Unpeeled is happy to allow an individual food photo or two to be used with proper attribution and best practices. Please caption the photo “Photo Courtesy of Unpeeled Journal” with a link to the Unpeeled post, and do not edit the photo. For other questions or more clarification, email inquiries[at]

Do you partner with/promote certain brands for money?

No. All of the brand recommendations are our own. 

You have great taste!

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Salmon and quinoa dish